Behind The Scenes



I have always had a fascination for our native bushlands. I grew up with John Forrest National Park being my playground. It was a combination of natural rock formations, which made cool cubby houses and harsh natural bush land, we even had a place to go tad polling the local creek. I can remember our holidays away were to Augusta, Geraldton, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie or Rottenest Island even though we were on holidays our constant play area was the Australian native bush, which at that stage had been untouched by developers.My mother has always been an avid gardener who prided herself on the diversity of native flora she tends on the ¼ acre property. Not once did I ever think of using my natural local environment for herbs and spices.

I knew full well that it is illegal to gather flora in our native bush as you had to have a license and depth of knowledge to gather the correct herbs safely. Still I remember smelling the scents of our local bushland. This will always remind me of great family holidays and exploring new things.

With my marriage to a lover of diverse food and cultures my appreciation for intrinsic flavours developed into my love of trying all new foods. My own experiences with native herbs and spices have likewise grown with increase of the availability of sustainable sources of our flora. I soon realised that we have a largely untapped and quite sustainable resource in our natural environment that we could experiment on and discover its true potential both flavours wise and also expanding employment for our fellow locals.

I’m on the Board for the Swan Valley Happenings  – A wonderful group of like mined sustainability  group  within the swan valley

Something I read to help motivate me gave me the push to take this entrepreneurial plunge:

“Nothing happens unless you do something. There is never a time to start a business and if you rehearse and rehearse the curtain will never get up. Good ideas are two-a-penny but it is the execution and drive to do something that will make the difference.” – Vince Stanzione