Company History

The idea for The Bitter Bush, like so many of life’s greatest, was born over drinks with a very knowledgeable bar manager. It was his keen sense of adventure, a deep engagement with our consistently expanding multicultural environment and a persistent desire to make new and exciting drinks that led to our conversation about what his new drink would be for the upcoming season.

Always wanting to make drinks that were uniquely Australian using a quality product. And this is what we set out to do. We saw that much of the great wealth of Australian flavours still lay dormant and untapped. So like any explorer we took samples, studied and prepared them. Many people joined us on this adventure of tasting trails – friends, family, experts, vague acquaintances randomly accosted to have copious drinks poured down their throats but one clearly stood out, beyond our husbands, was a Swedish chef who after many tastings suggested that the essences had more uses than just in the drinks industry. As such he became very excited about what he could do with such original flavours in cooking and food preparation.
A new round of tastings began with food accompanying our growing menu of cocktails and new options were created – have a look at our food trail photo gallery to get your taste buds interested.

Many cocktail mixologists and chefs have not delved into the wide range of native Australian botanicals due to the dificulty and cost of sourcing herbs and spices, especially since in Australia we have very strict regulations in regards to harvesting our precious natural environments. However, we are grateful for these regulations as it enabled our natural resources to flourish instead of becoming an endangered or rare species. We worked with locals to source our products in a sustainable way to create a completely environmentally friendly essence.

We have expanded our range to include Hard Crack Candy, Gummies, Chocolate Sandalwood Spread (our Australian alternative to Nutella) and Flavoured Vinegars,  Which are Award Winning!

As all great explorers we are continuing to expand our flavour base as we find new herbs and our ultimate dream is the all Australian Bitter.

Keep an eye out on our social media for further details.