Our latest market adventure

It was our first market at night and it was a great learning experience for us! We were all geared up for any type of weather which was good because the sky water came down and the wind picked up. It was so windy our (more…)

Food trail in the swan valley

Last week The Bitter Bush team participated in our very first function for dignitaries. The attendees were from Vietnam, Indonesia, The City of Swan and local wine and food makers.

Picture a balcony with wine makers, a world class nuts producer, and then The Bitter Bush (more…)

Lemon Myrtle

TBB-WEB lemon myrtle

What it looks like…….

Walking amongst Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) trees is a unique experience. The first thing that hits you is how wonderful they smell. (more…)

The Bitter Bush Journey

Hi we are 3 Perth kids from Western Australia, and we have started a company called the Bitter Bush. It was originally The Bitter Queen, but that is a long, long saga so I will discuss this name change in a different blog entry. ‘A rose by any name’, (more…)