Hard Boiled Candy if your from the america’s or Boiled lollies or Sweets have been about for decades.

Candy Drops was invented in the middle ages   to mask the taste of really awful tasting medicine

We call it Hard Crack cause thats the sound it makes when you drop the cooking candy into water. It is also the sound it makes when you drop the candy on the bench!

We have 3 main candy flavours for you to choose from
Lemon Myrtle



Hand made on a candy press from the 1900’s.  We only use Australian Native flavours to make our candy so we can bring the bush to your front door.

Our candies or as we affectionly call  “Hard Crack” are stretched by hand until the correct consistancy is obtained then  hand cranked through what we “the Monster” this is a 1900’s drop candy machine.  Below are photos of before restoration and after restoration.