Bush Food

The history of food has flowed from culture to culture. As humans have spread around the world we have embraced the new flavours of every continent. One of the few exceptions is Australia, very few of our native flora and fauna have moved into mainstream consumption. While we have slowly embraced the kangaroo, quondongs and crocodile – it has mostly been through the development of a tourist market rather than locals trying them for themselves. The other notable exception, the macadamia nut, has gone into farming production and is now exported to the rest of the world.

In Australia we have a sad history of bringing in introduced species of animals and plants which very often create havoc with our environment and push out indigenous species from ecological niches. These introduced species tend to require more water and space to flourish, putting a further strain on our finite resources.

Many of the everyday products we use in Australia that originated in other countries have a neglected equivalent in Australian native plants. Pepperberry, Lemon Myrtle and Native Mint all have similar flavours as their namesakes and can be used in similar ways.

We here at The Bitter Bush enjoy the flavours of our beautiful country and we are committed to providing them to you in an interesting and easy to use style.

There are not many Western Australian local bush foods that are commercially available. The Bushfood industry in our state is relatively new as a commercial enterprise compared to other Stated and Territories .

We believe that Australian native bush food to be a viable agricultural industry and we support where ever possible local farmers who practice sustainable methods.

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle


Wattle Seed

Wattle seed in pod
Wattle Seed in Pods

Bush Mint

Bush Mint

Desert Raisin

Lilly Pilly


Anise Myrtle

Sandalwood Nut

Sandalwood nuts
Sandalwood nuts