The Bitter Bush Journey

Hi we are 3 Perth kids from Western Australia, and we have started a company called the Bitter Bush. It was originally The Bitter Queen, but that is a long, long saga so I will discuss this name change in a different blog entry. ‘A rose by any name’, etc etc we are never the less moving forward in our original mission to bring Native Australian flavours to the world.


I decide to start this blog because as we where developing our products we realised that there is a great lack of knowlage about bushfoods yet tons of interest! In our long road to where we are now we have done hours of reseach, not only on bushfood and Australian plants but also about how to run a business. We have started this blog to share what we have learnt and what we continue to learn.

We hope you will click by now and again to see how we are going here at the Bitter Bush Team. Please also ask questions! If you want any more details on what we are doing or how to do something we have done and you want to do, just ask. Oh and we don’t give away trade secrets but we will help as much as we can. 🙂