Food trail in the swan valley

Last week The Bitter Bush team participated in our very first function for dignitaries. The attendees were from Vietnam, Indonesia, The City of Swan and local wine and food makers.

Picture a balcony with wine makers, a world class nuts producer, and then The Bitter Bush with our unique products. Aromas of creamy pecan latte of Wattleseed remain on your fingers once you rub it. The lemon herby smell of Lemon Myrtle wafts after being crushed and lingered in the air. Little purple round balls of Pepperberry (taste at your own risk!), and the big unusual marbled-brains-looking Quandong seeds spark interest and entice people to the table.

The Mixologist and I were on standby to wow the crowd with our black table cloth and colourful bowls of Australian native flora.

The night started a little slow but as soon as the food came out our mixologist went to work placing ‘a li’l bitta’ Australian essence here and there on the catered food; THEN the room burst with questions about our unusual product.

Imagine a single drop changing the flavour of the food you just tasted. Yes, a single drop! Biting into Mini Beef Wellingtons, the warm, textured pastry and slow cooked beef, traditional flavours until you get your drop of Pepperberry essence on your second bite. The Pepperberry mixed with the beef gravy, and started slow on the palate and intensified as you chewed, travelling from the front of your tongue and ending at the back.

If you want to experience your own ‘a li’l bitta’ Pepperberry burst, please come and see us at the Guildford Twilight Market, Friday night, 28th of November and Old Perth Markets on 29th of November from 5.30 pm – 9pm.