Our latest market adventure

It was our first market at night and it was a great learning experience for us! We were all geared up for any type of weather which was good because the sky water came down and the wind picked up. It was so windy our Wattle Seed, Native Bush Mint, and Desert Raisin signs were literally flying off the table, so were our raw samples of Lemon Myrtle

But the elements couldn’t keep us – or the market goers! – at home and the market goers came out to see our unique products. We were also part of a group of students from an ESL college on a treasure hunt through Guildford. We hope you had fun and expanded your knowledge about Australian bush foods!

There was the raw food taster who ate all the bush food in the raw form prior to trying our essence with soda water, and the brave one who tasted our Pepperberry straight with no soda.

For those of you who have not tasted Pepperberry before it has an full bodied aroma. It is peppery and has a rich currant after-taste that gives a buzz, with a heat intensity that starts at the back of the palate which spreads from your throat to your nasal passages. It adds depths to any food you add it too, but it must be used with caution.

So if you want a li’l bitta Pepperberry to put a buzz on your tongue and a zip in your step, come and see us at our next market. Old Perth Markets on 29th of November from 5.30 pm – 9.30pm.