When most people think of essences they think of the back flower essences developed in the 1920 – 1930 for its natural healing methods  or the old vanilla extracts  which was developed by a pharmacist for incorporating into fragrances and lotions.

Our liquid flavouring essences has been developed over several years to be added to enhance various beverages and foods.

derived by using old fashioned methods.  these essences can be used in sauces, sprayed on food to enhance the flavour of the base food.

Used in foods ranging from icing for cup cakes, confectionery to savoury sauces,  one client has sprayed it on a roast while it was resting prior to carving.

Originally made for cocktails  we have designed several cocktails for the adventurous.

Why Use our essences?

Each of our herbs is unique in flavour and texture with a taste ranging from being earthy to a surprisingly sharp bite. They are the flavours of Australia and should be recognised and celebrated as we do much else about this beautiful and bountiful land.

Food always tastes better with a pinch of seasoning and our easy to use products will stimulate your taste buds and your imagination. If you enjoy cooking for friends or family, trying out new recipes or just want to be your own master chef try using our innovative flavours to impress and have your family coming back for seconds.

Cocktails are becoming very complex and intricate in flavours with bars trending into developing their own bitters and essences. So why not cut down on your valuable time and costs while bringing exotic flavours to your menu with our range of completely Australian tastes. Be the first in the world to make your mark in the cocktail industry.

Beyond the range of great tastes we are happy to state that we work hard to make this product both environmentally sustainable and natural. No harsh chemicals are used in the creation of our products, only all natural ingredients which are purely Australian ‘Bush’ flavours.

Try out recipes on the Ideas page of our website – which will be updated regularly so don’t forget to check for new comments, ideas and concoctions.

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