Pepperberry RawThis berry is dried and can be sold ground or whole.  please contact us for pricing.

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The Native Pepperberry plant is naturally found in the cold high country in Southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This tree grows to 5 metres, has green waxy leaves with cream flowers. The female plant develops dark brown berries, ripening in late autumn and early winter. The flavours of the Pepperberries are similar to the Indian variety that we commonly use but have a more fiery flavour and an herbal finish on the tongue. The intensity of this berry escalates with time peaking at the 5 minute interval.

The Native or Mountain Pepperberry plant has a long history of medicinal use in Aboriginal culture as an anti-inflammatory and as an aid for arthritis. The Australian government has researched many of the more well-known native plants to investigate the health benefits. The Native Pepperberry leaves and fruits have shown to have exceptionally high antioxidant levels (higher than almost any in the world), high contents of vitamin E & A, phenolic compounds, zinc and magnesium.

There is evidence to show that the Native Pepperberry fruit and leaves could aid in protection of the stomach lining, use as an anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, anti-allergic and as a pain reliever.

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